Learn all about basic yoga clothes

If you are new to yoga you are probably confused with all the available clothes. Maybe you only go to yoga classes from time to time, but you want to add new clothes to your wardrobe. The important thing is that you start with the basics and that you feel comfortable when exercising.

Basic pants:

  • Boot-cut: boot cut, are a style of wide boot pants, equal to those of regular pants or jeans. They are stuck on the thigh and wider at the bottom.
  • Capri: these pants end a little below the knee, or mid-calf. They are ideal for yoga classes in summer, on the hottest days.
  • Leggings: these women’s tights go up to the ankles, close to the body, reveal your shape from the waist down.
  • Loose; The loose pants of a soft material, is good for the most modest practitioners and offers much more comfort and ease of movement.

Yoga Tops

  • Sports bra: this piece will help you keep everything in place and you will be more comfortable in yoga practice.
  • T-shirt or top: you can choose between different forms, whether sleeves, short sleeves or long sleeves. They can be attached to the body or more loose, depending on what you prefer and your silhouette.

Equipment and accessories

Apart from the clothes that we mentioned, you will need other accessories for yoga, which we will mention:

  • Mat: if you are determined to do yoga for a good time the best thing you can do is buy your own mat. It will ensure greater hygiene and you can also practice at home if you wish.
  • Anti-slip socks: they are the best option for your feet when practicing yoga, they will prevent you from slipping.
  • Links: they are necessary for the practice of yoga, they serve to make stretching positions and to prevent injuries.
  • Foam block: it will help you to make certain poses, and it gives support.

The clothes you choose to go to yoga classes will largely depend on the branch of this practice that you perform. For example, if you choose Bikram yoga (hot yoga), you prefer glued clothing, such as leggings, capris and tank tops. Avoid loose clothing because it will sweat and bother you when making the poses.

Take into account that comfort is very important when doing any type of exercise, it is more important than style. Do not wear something just because it looks good, prefer clothes that you feel totally comfortable with.

Do not spend too much on yoga clothes, or equipment or accessories, this practice is simple, applies the same to clothing do not buy anything exaggerated or too expensive. As we mentioned, consider comfort first and foremost.

Always remember to wash your sports clothes, each fabric has a different wash shape, it is best to read the labels and follow the washing instructions.

What do men use for yoga?

Above we list some of the basic yoga clothes for women. But, it is important to mention that men are also interested in this practice, and they should also wear specialized and comfortable clothes.

For men, it is not so easy to find clothes specifically for yoga, and you do not really have to wear clothes that say “yoga” on the label. But, the ideal thing is that when going to classes is with light clothes, that it facilitates the movement and that it absorbs well the sweat.

Pants and t-shirts

Shorts for the gym may not be the best option for yoga classes. But, if you decide to wear the same gym shorts, buy some cycling lycra to wear underneath these. This way you will not show much of your legs and you will be more comfortable.

When buying yoga clothes for men to take into account the fabric, it is one of the most important aspects. You should try it to know if you can move well with this setting.

Ideally, it should be something made of cotton, because it allows the skin to breathe, or it may be lycra because it has the ability to stretch. You can use some long cotton pajama pants if you do not want to buy new ones. Ideally, they should be light, and be 80% cotton 20% spandex.

You want the pants to be loose, allowing you more freedom. You must be able to see your feet, and the pants should not crawl.

Prefer sleeveless shirts so you can move your arms better, basketball is an excellent option if you do not want to spend more money.

Do not forget the yoga socks, although many choose to practice yoga barefoot, they could slip. Also, if you use a study mat and not a personal mat, it is best to protect your feet from infection. The idea is that you have some socks that give you grip.

Sportswear when going outside

The sports look is not something outside the world of fashion, we have seen how the sneakers have made their way on the catwalks. Jackets, shirts, and tights can be used on different occasions.

This trend is especially useful for busy women, who take advantage of their mornings or evenings after work to go to yoga classes and do other errands. Many times they do not have time to change, so it’s best to know how to style yoga clothes.

In addition, yoga clothes are very comfortable for any activity, but that’s not why you’ll look bad. You can look chic wearing these clothes. Follow these steps and dress well.

Tips for wearing yoga clothes outside of classes

Use accessories

The easiest way to use your yoga clothes to the streets is wearing accessories. Leave them in your purse while you’re in class and then put them out when you leave.

  • Tie a sweatshirt to your waist.
  • Take your favorite wallet.
  • Wear a cap for a more sporty and informal look.
  • Wearing solid and colorful necklaces can add a glamorous touch to your outfit to walk the streets.

Take advantage of the layers

Add casual clothes to your basic yoga attire can create a good urban look, taking advantage of these options:

  • Wear a bomber jacket over sportswear.
  • Put a loose skirt on your leggings, or just change your pants for a skirt.
  • Wear a workshop blouse over your yoga top, it will allow you to have a better look. You can even do with a boho chic style.
  • Use a plaid blouse over your yoga top, it is an excellent option to cover yourself a little.
  • If you want to see a little more casual wear a shirt with graphics on the clothes if you have yoga pants with patterns better wear a one-color shirt.
  • You could even wear a blazer for a more urban look.
  • Kimonos are also in fashion and will serve to cover you a little.

Wear stylish shoes

Simply put on some good shoes can give your yoga clothes a new look to take them anywhere.

When going to yoga classes you usually go on flip-flops or comfortable slippers. You can change them for dress sandals or ballerinas, even for some heels, and you’ll look much better.

Consider wearing fashionable sneakers, those that are more for walking than for exercise. The metallic sneakers are comfortable and fashion, they will make you look good but with a more casual vibe.

You can even try to wear boots, more classic model, neutral colors, to improve a little to look. You can get a slightly hippie look if you wear boots with fringes or suede. They will be ideal shoes to use in winter with your yoga clothes.

In general, yoga clothes are very easy to take to the streets, leggings with a good top and sandals will look great.

Although yoga can be practiced without shoes or specialized clothing, it is best to get pieces with which you feel comfortable to have more flexibility in this practice. The clothing inadequate yoga can distract an activity rather should relax and make you feel better.

By knowing everything about yoga clothes you can choose the clothes that suit you and also learn to use them outside of class. Yoga practices? What clothes do you prefer? Which would you recommend? Write us in the comments your opinion on this very interesting topic.

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