Equipment to get fit

Before starting to train, it is necessary to have the necessary equipment to avoid injuries and be safe. The equipment you need will depend on the type of physical training routine for soccer that you decide.

Our recommendations are:

  • Always wear comfortable and loose clothing that allows you to have better movement.
  • Bring water to hydrate you always.
  • If you are going to do resistance or strength exercises, be sure to wear proper athletic shoes.
  • If you practice on the soccer field, take your play equipment.

How to get fit to practice soccer

Sports can be very demanding, in addition, we can find different variants of football. For all, it is important to be in shape to be able to perform in the best possible way. If practiced regularly and trained in a strict manner, the results can be incredible.

In this post, we will give you a guide that will help you to have better performance and an excellent physical condition.

Warms and stretches the muscles

Before starting any sports training it is necessary to warm up, this helps the body be prepared for physical activity. Not heating can cause injuries.

You can run in the same place, do squats, sit-ups or some dynamic stretches to start. You must make sure that your warm-up is sufficiently vigorous so that your muscles are relaxed.

To this, you must add a good stretching session. Make sure you do it with your entire body, feet, legs, arms, ankles, wrists, shoulders, back and neck. Failure to stretch the body properly can cause sprains.

Practice control of the ball

In a training plan for footballers, the practice of controlling the ball must be included. The recommendation is to do this for 10 or 15 minutes at the beginning and end of your exercise session, this help to have better coordination and to mark the focus.

For these cases, it is important to buy soccer boots, since you will be working on the court. Start with exercises such as bargaining, auto passes and dominated.

Develop power and endurance

To improve the physical condition you can run. Rushing will not help you at all, you must go at a steady and moderate pace to the point where you feel a little tired. You can alternate about 3 minutes to run with another 2 to rest, and repeat this several times.

You will see that with the time you will have better resistance in football. Developing speed is also important so once you gain resistance you must work on it. Measure the distances, practice near your community can give you an idea of ​​how much you have advanced. Use locals or buildings as a reference from where you arrived.

Perform strength training

Although agility and endurance are important, you can not forget the strength. You must add exercises to develop your routine on a regular basis. If you want to train at home you can do push-ups, air squat, and lunges.

If you have access to some type of weights you can also use them; however, the recommendation is that to gain strength it is necessary that the intensity be high and the repetitions low. If you are not used to it, you should start little by little. Overloading can hurt you, so it’s important to be aware of how much weight you can bear.

It is also important to exercise the middle zone, as these are the ones that help you stop, change direction or kick. The idea is to train this part of the body twice a week. With squats, abdominals or bicycle you can do it.

Strengthen your knees

Knees are also an important part of doing a physical training routine for soccer.

To strengthen them you can stand on the floor on one foot, then lift the knee more or less to the level of the hip. Gently lower the foot that is lifted while you raise the other. Make several repetitions until you get used to it.

This exercise is basic and you can also use it as a warm-up. This will help raise the knees much higher when running and that prevents you from stumbling.

Improve your agility

You can improve significantly with a ladder of agility. Stretch it on the ground, make sure it is as flat as possible. Start running from one end to the other using the footwork patterns.

It is best to step on the only spaces between the divisions. This exercise requires a lot of concentration and also that your feet must be placed in a specific and precise way.

Another way to use the agility ladder is to jump hopscotch or run sideways on it and alternate the steps. You can make rounds alternating with other exercises and create your own circuit.

Practice with free throws

Finish your workouts with the practice of free throws. Make sure you always wear the right shoes for it. Like, for example, the football boots Nike premier II FG, which have a stabilizer plate.

Wait to cool down the body after training and make some free throws from different angles. Something that can help you is to try to simulate some of the conditions in which you would be in a real game.

Knowing how to kick is one of the fundamental skills within this sport, so it is impossible to replace this exercise with another. You can also refine your precision if you practice with a small objective.

The advisable thing is that you invest 30 minutes in each leg, if you learn to kick with both, you will be much more versatile.

Advice when exercising

  • Establish your routine well and be consistent.
  • Record your running times so you can see the improvements gradually.
  • If you did not do any previous training, it is best that you begin in a short time so as not to hurt yourself.

When you want to do a sport you must understand that it requires preparation. Knowing how to get fit to practice soccer is a task that requires time and perseverance. It is important that you follow all possible safety measures to avoid injury.

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