Cross-training as a sports activity

First, let’s begin by defining what cross-training is. This is a sports training that involves the combination of exercises to work different parts of the body. People usually focus on a particular activity, which works for certain muscle groups, but not all. This is where functional training comes into play, to eliminate this lack of balance in the development of our body.

Many times it refers to a circuit training, to the combination of exercises of different disciplines. For example, a runner can do cross-training when training by doing another exercise such as riding a bike, swimming, a fitness class or lifting weights to complement running.

This helps strengthen the muscles and make them more flexible, prevents injuries because it corrects the lack of balance in muscle development. It means exercise for the whole body because you constantly use different muscle groups. Also, avoid getting bored or tired of always doing the same and with this, you can keep yourself in your exercise routine.

When doing cross-training it is very important to wear the appropriate clothing. The cross-training shoes or cross-trainers, which are designed specifically to help you keep your feet healthy and your body strong while you carry out different exercises.

It is ideal to buy this type of footwear, you will save money because otherwise, you would have to have a pair for each activity. Because, for example, running shoes should not be used to ride a bicycle.

The benefits of cross-training are many. These alternative forms of exercise help you improve your body, prevent injuries and rehabilitate them faster. By practicing this activity you can strengthen your weak points as an athlete and improve your performance.

What are cross-training shoes?

The cross trainers are shoes created from a variety of materials, which means they can be used for different activities. The idea is that they can be used for different exercises. They are perfect for athletes who like to combine different activities.

Some functional training shoes have the typical laces, but others do not, which makes it much easier to put them on and take them off.

Types of sneakers

There are many options for these shoes, we will mention the most common types:

  • Synthetics: today most shoes are made with synthetic materials. This allows the foot to breathe during exercise, which helps comfort and reduce odor. The footwear that lets you breathe feels different when you run, because it allows the flow of air, so this feature is much appreciated by runners. In addition, this type of shoe does not need as much care, compared to leather, they will not dry or crack after a few months of use.
  • Of leather: they do not allow as much breathing as the previous ones. The leather for this shoe does not allow as much breathing as the natural one, and therefore it does not allow so much air to pass through the shoe. Although, many people prefer them because of their elegance and designs.
  • No laces: shoes that are not tied have become fashionable in recent times. Adults have taken this children’s fashion. These shoes are equipped with elastic cords and can be tensioned from the top.
  • Barefoot type: the shoes with the five marked fingers became fashionable a couple of years ago. The idea was to simulate being barefoot but with some protection on the sole of the foot. Not everyone can use them, but they do have some benefits, such as allowing you to work different muscles of the foot or that are super light. You can feel the texture of the floor.

Guide to buy cross-training shoes

Follow these tips so you can buy the right shoes for your functional training.

Pay attention to the arch and width of your foot
Each person has a different bow. So the first thing you should see when buying these shoes is what type of bow you have. If the shoes you buy have it too high or too low this could affect your athletic performance.

There are three types of basic arc: normal, flat and high.

  • Those with the normal bow will see that the middle part of their shoes discharges faster. These need extra cushioning on the inside so that the foot is in a stable position.
  • Those who have flatbow can see that the wear of their shoes is greater on the inside. They will need shoes with movement control, with protection and extra cushioning inside.
  • People with high or wide bow tend to wear their shoes more on the outside face.
    These types of shoes will be more concerned with the cushioning of the midsole. The midsole will provide additional shock absorption that lacks pronation.

Examine well how the shoe is made

You must see the construction of the shoe well. The bottom or sole of the shoe will give you the most support during your exercise routine as it will absorb the impact. You will want a good sole that will not be damaged after a few months of use.

The upper part of the shoe can be made of leather or synthetic, that will depend on your preferences. Above we mention the differences between the two, the leather gives you more support, while the synthetic material allows your foot to breathe better.

If you are participating in activities that involve lateral movements you should look for cross-training shoes with thick and wide soles. This will help you maintain stability and support during training.

Check how you feel the shoe

Take into account how you have the shoes and if you feel comfortable is basic, that is probably the most important point when choosing any running shoe or cross training.

Ideally, you should try several shoes before choosing one, of different sizes and models, so that you can really know which one suits you best. The best idea is to have a foot measurement if you are going to buy online, the ideal is that you take this measure after exercising because your foot will be a little more bloated.

When you test your shoes, check your flexibility by pressing your foot back and forth. If you feel pressure or some “twinge” while doing this, then it is best to try others. That sting could indicate a circulation problem a reduction in circulation during exercise.

When trying on the shoe press firmly down and then try to move your foot to the sides. If it slips is because it does not have good traction for you, so you should try others.

Remember that if you buy shoes that are very small you will run the risk of suffering pains in the feet and fingers. And if they are very large, you will have the risk of falls and painful blisters. When you try your shoes you should not just walk with them, you should move and move your fingers.

You need to feel that you have enough space to move your fingers inside the shoe. Do not think that with the use they will stretch. If you buy Adidas shoes online, the first thing you should do when they arrive is to try on them with the socks you usually wear, if you do not feel comfortable, it’s best to change them.


The last thing you need is to slip in the middle of a workout. Cross-training shoes generally have more traction than those of jogging or walking. When you try this shoe try to move your foot from one side or another, to turn it. You will want your foot to stay well attached to the ground.


As for brands, there are different options in the market, there are more options that could be overwhelming to choose one. When it comes to choosing new shoes, always look at different brands and options.

Each brand has a different last and it will be different. Do not go for your favorite brand just because it has always been, maybe it is not the best option for your feet. For example, Nike shoes tend to be narrower, and that does not work for all foot types. For that reason, although perhaps we like very much like a pair is seen by outside, the best thing is to prove it to you and to know that it fits you well for what you will use them.

With this guide to buy cross-training shoes, you can choose the best shoes for your physical activity when you buy online in our store. The idea is that you always choose the ones that fit you best and fit your foot. What footwear do you prefer for functional training? Tell us about your preferences.

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