How to eat everything and lose weight at the same time?

If you have tried to lose weight many times based on slimming diets too restrictive in which you could not eat everything, now you will be interested to know that yes, it is possible to lose weight eating very well and all kinds of food.

The key to this is simply to replace some of the foods you eat, eat in moderate amounts and, of course, accompany the diet with some physical exercise. If you do all this, you will not only lose weight but also, you will feel much healthier and more vital. Discover how you can lose weight by eating practically everything, below:

1. Eat more fresh foods

One of the keys to losing the extra kilos is to eat more fresh foods and less processed foods. Try to always choose fresh seasonal foods, which provide you with enough nutrients, which are healthy and, of course, are also low in fat.

In this sense, introducing fruits and vegetables to your diet will allow you to eat well, not go hungry and, moreover, little by little you will notice it on the scale every time you weigh yourself. And, both fruits and vegetables provide many nutrients to a dish and do not provide a large number of calories. Therefore, these are the best allies to lose weight.

2. Choose foods rich in fiber

High-Fiber foods are also good allies to lose weight for several reasons. First, because they help you stay satiated for longer, so you will avoid eating or chopping between meals, one of the most harmful habits that can be committed when you want to lose weight.

And on the other hand, fiber helps the body to function regularly, so eating foods rich in fiber will help prevent constipation and feel less bloated.

3. Better the whole fruit than the juices

If you want to lose weight, you do not have to give up eating the fruits that you like the most. However, it is preferable that you choose to consume whole pieces and discard the option of consuming the fruit in juices or smoothies.

The main reason is that by taking the pieces of whole fruit, you will be more satiated, while you will benefit from a higher dose of fiber.

4. Drink lots of water and eat water-rich foods

Eat foods rich in water and take a liter and a half of water a day is one of the main keys to losing weight. In fact, several scientific studies suggest that people who eat foods rich in water have a lower body mass index.

And, the water contained in some foods, such as fruits or vegetables, helps you stay satiated longer, making you eat less of other less healthy foods.

5. Include fat-burning foods in your diet

There are foods that help you accelerate the metabolism of fats, and have proven to be very effective when losing weight. This is the case of chili, berries, whole grains or green tea infusions, for example.

6. Treat yourself once in a while

The secret to losing weight is not to stop eating certain foods, but to reduce your intake a few times a month. Therefore, if you are on a diet you can and should treat yourself from time to time, since the more you restrict your diet, the more tempted you will feel to eat unhealthy foods, rich in fat and calories.

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