We return to bring a new article on the different disciplines that make up the athletics tests. In this case it’s time for the launch tests!

And as we have already seen the tests of speed, distance and jump we have to see the launching tests in the athletics along with some information on its correct execution, plus the last world records reached in each launch discipline (and do not worry if you missed the previous installments, at the end of I leave a link to each of the other disciplines that make up athletics).

What are the launch tests in athletics?

The athletic throwing tests basically consist of throwing an object as far as possible, having certain basic rules such as not to step on the throwing line at the moment of the execution of the test.

That athlete who is dedicated to the launch is called a pitcher and is usually a very coordinated and corpulent person (contrary to what we would expect from a bottom or middle athlete for example).


We will find four launch tests in athletics, which basically depend on the object to be launched:

The launch of bullet

This athletic discipline aims to propel, through the air, a solid metal ball, trying to cover as much distance as possible.

But do not believe that it is something so simple, the weight of the bullet in the male tests is 7.26 kg while the female category is around 4 kg. In turn, the launch site is limited to a circle of 2.1 meters, which is not possible to take distance for the launch.

The bullet throw technique consists of taking the same with the fingers of the hand and supporting it against the shoulder and the chin, on the opposite side to one of the launchings.

The pitcher advances a few steps to acquire strength and momentum and then, without stepping on the circumference line of the launching area, extends the arm making the bullet fly with the greatest possible thrust.

Each competitor has three pitches and the seven best pass to the next round with three more pitches, the one who has achieved the greatest distance wins.

World records in launch of bullet

The world record for the shot put is held, since 20/05/1996, by the American Randy Barnes with a mark of 23.12 meters.

While the women’s record is Natalia Lisovskaya, of the former USSR, with a mark of 22.63 meters, a record made on 06/07/1986.

The disc launch

The system is similar to the previous one and the ones that follow, but instead of using a bullet, in the disc release, a disc is obviously used, which changes the technique of grip and throwing.

The disc is a plate with center and metal edge that is thrown from a circle of 2.5 meters in diameter. In male categories, it weighs 2 kg and in female weighs 1 kg.

The athlete holds the disc against the fingers and forearm, then quickly turns on himself and throws the disc into the air. The disc must fall between two straight lines that form an angle of 90 ° and that are born in the throwing circle.

World records in disco launch

The world record of disc release belongs to the German Jürgen Schult, from the 06/06/1986 with a mark of an incredible 74,08 meters.

In turn, the women’s record is Gabriele Reinsch, also German, who on 09/07/1988 achieved an even greater distance, 76.80 meters.

The launch of hammer

The competition here “is a mix” of the previous ones in terms of what is released and the launch technique.

In hammer throwing, athletes compete by throwing a heavy ball attached to a metal wire with a handle on one end. The whole weighs 7.26 kg and its length is 1.2 meters.

The 2.1-meter circle is used, the handle is taken with both hands, it is rotated keeping the feet still, then the athlete turns on himself to gain power and throws the hammer at a 45 ° angle.

Again they have three attempts and they pass the seven best ones. The hammer must fall in an arc delimited of 90 ° to be valid.

World records in hammer’s launch

The world record for hammer throwing at the masculine level is by Yuri Sedij of the former USSR, a record reached on 08/30/1986 with a mark of 86.74 meters.

While the women’s record is of Anita Wlodarczyk, from Poland, with a mark of 82.98 meters, the record reached on 08/28/2016.

The launch of Jabalina

The javelin throwing is one of the best-known disciplines within this group, the javelin is a spear with a metal tip with a length of between 260 and 220 cm depending on the category. The throws must fall between two separate lines that demarcate the firing range.

Javelin throwers cannot touch or pass the throwing line for the shot to be valid. Again they have three possibilities and the seven of best mark go to the next round.

The athletes grab the javelin from their center of gravity and run at full speed towards the launch line, before reaching it they turn to the side of the body, pull the javelin backward and with the whole body they push it back into the launch direction.

If they touch the launch line, as we said before, the launch is invalidated; in the same way as if the javelin does not fall first.

World records in launch of Jabalina

The world javelin throwing record belongs to the Czech Jan Zelezny since 05/25/1996 with a mark of 98.48 meters.

In turn, the women’s record is Barbora Spotakova, also Czech, who on 13/09/2008 achieved a distance of 72.28 meters.

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