Long-distance races or long distance races are a type of athletic test that includes different disciplines where the athlete must run a great distance on foot: these can range from 5000 m to 42 km as is the case of the marathon.

We continue to present the different tests that make up the athletics, we have already seen the speed tests so this time we bring your counterpart, the background tests.

Some are known distances, such as the increasingly famous 10K (performed on the street) or the epic marathons, but some tests are not usually as well known, let’s see each one from the technical and specific point of view within athletics.

What are the athletic fund proofs?

The carreras of 5,000 meters

These are usually done in open court. The technique is very important, in this case, you should try to avoid making any kind of excessive movement in order not to waste energy unnecessarily.

Obviously, the movements of the arms and strides are more reduced than in the tests of speed or medium distance that we will see later.


The men’s record at 5,000 mt, is held by Kenenisa Bekele with a time of 12: 37.35, a record reached on May 31, 2014.

The women’s record at 5,000 mt, belongs to Tirunesh Dibaba with a time of 14: 11.15, the record reached on June 6, 2008.

The running of 10,000 meteres

Or more commonly known as the 10K. In the world of athletics, it is usually done on the track. But this distance has become very common in street races conducted by amateur runners.

These 10K races are also done through the cross country or cross country, in different natural scenarios.

World records in races of 10,000 meters

The men’s record at 10,000 meters, also held by Kenenisa Bekele with a time of 26: 17.53, the record reached on August 26, 2005.

The women’s record in 10,000 meters, belongs to Almaz Ayana with a time of 29: 17.45, the record reached on June 6, 2008.

The cross type of careers

The Cross is a type of competition performed on land with natural obstacles such as hedges, ditches, canals, forests, etc.

In athletics, it is also done on the track but with artificially armed obstacles. Here you could include racing with hurdles.

The marathon test

It is the summum of athletics, it is the longest test of the field and track competitions. In total, you have to run “barely” 42,195 km, and it is the last competition of the Olympic Games.

The marathons have escaped from the world of athletics and took over the world of running, just like the 10K races.

Nowadays marathons are held in the main cities of the world, with thousands of registered. And thousands of other people monopolizing the streets as observers to witness this incredible sports festival.

World records in races of 10,000 meters

The men’s record in Marathon is by Dennis Kimetto with a time of 2:02:57, the record reached on September 28, 2014.

The female record in Marathon belongs to Paula Radcliffe with a time of 2:15:25, the record reached on April 13, 2003.

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